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Welcome to the world of PEEMER – PEEM YOUR LIFE!

The vision to create a brand that offers female accessories happened on the other side of the world during a travel adventure of two women who never met each other before. A thread of common understanding was immediately established between them – the same approach to the world, family, work and the same values. This travel experience inspired them to create a unique collection based on life experiences. It was at that time that a common vision was created and from it came the passion. The understanding of each other was based on two pillars: aesthetics combined with functionality.

The two women complemented each other perfectly. Each added a part of her personality to co-create a brand and share it with others. The ideal team is created by a woman that is esthetic, creator, detail oriented, visionary and a woman with corporate past.

In October 2016, the foundation of PEEMER was formed and with it came a travel experience to the world of creativity. The result of this trip is PEEMER accessory line which from February 2017 is officially available at the online store.

All PEEMER products are handmade with particular care for detail in Poland.

They: “We guarantee the uniqueness of products, their originality and a little piece of our heart in each of them.”

Online sales in Poland are just the beginning. The company is planning to open a SHOWROOM in Warsaw and expand the company in foreign markets. In the future, the intention of the creators of PEEMER is to support other women in realizing their own business dreams – after all, it was dreams that made all of this possible!

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