"Metallic Gray" Lingerie Bag

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The PEEMER Lingerie and Bikini Pouch is the most beautiful and comfortable way to transport your valuable items, lingerie, cosmetics and bathing suits. It is a gorgeous and modern case for lingerie. The outer layer of the bag is made out of velvet fabric that feels nice in touch. The velvet pouch is available in many fashionable, intense colors making it a beautiful decoration in your wardrobe, suitcase or bathroom. The inner layer is made out of thin pearl eco leather that is waterproof. The idea of a waterproof interior was born so that women could discreetly store a wet bathing suit.

The PEEMER Pouch is an irreplaceable component during trips. Its universal size makes it suitable for every suitcase and travel bag. From now on, traveling takes on a new dimension! However, the PEEMER pouch is not just a traveling bag. It is ideally suited for trips to the beach, going to the gym or the swimming pool, and to store lingerie in the closet in an orderly manner.

Organize your world with the PEEMER Pouch!

Size: 20 cm x 30 cm.


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